Our Events

As a organization we host events to help you learn English, make new friends, and to learn about each others’ cultures and American culture.

Bridges Hangout: Join us every Friday at 7pm for a night of making new friends, meaningful discussion, and fun games. We break into small groups to discuss topics such as adjusting to life in the US, what you value most in life, and how to overcome difficulties. The event is welcome to any student or scholar enrolled at MSU regardless of your level of English proficiency. If you would like to join sign up here!

Exploring cultures and Holiday Parties: We know that entering into a new country and culture can be difficult at times. We want to make your transition easier by introducing you to American friends and American holidays. Throughout the school year we host Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Easter parties. See our events calendar below for more info!

Sharing our beliefs and values together: Every person comes from a different religious and spiritual background and we provide resources to help you on your journey of growth and discovery. For those that are interested, we offer a weekly Bible discussion group (Bible study) where we get to know each other, listen to each other’s beliefs, and read the Bible. Everyone is invited, no matter what religion you are a part of or if you believe in God or not. Click here to sign up!

our Events Calendar